We sell premium wood burning sauna heaters by the leading Finnish sauna heater brand IKI. IKI sauna heaters are exceptionally designed industry leaders, hand crafted from the very best materials in Finland, the land of sauna.  
Once you have experienced the löyly potential of the IKI wood burning heaters there is no going back. The sheer amount and quality of steam and heat IKI heaters are able to generate is simply so much greater than the competitors’. This is because of the greater about of stones IKI heaters are able to carry and heat up, the secret of the unparalleled IKI löyly.
All of the sauna heaters sold in Sauna Revival have been modified by the manufacturer to fulfill the needs of the most demanding US customers.


If the heater you are looking for is out of stock, contact us at and we'll add you to our waitlist. The demand for IKI heaters is so high it is sometimes hard to get them shipped to us fast enough but we are doing our best to get you your IKI heater asap.