IKI is a premium sauna heater brand known worldwide for the uncompromising design, quality, and functionality of IKI products. Unlike most sauna heaters on the market claiming to be Finnish IKI sauna heaters are actually hand-crafted from stainless steel in Finland, the land of sauna.

Not only are IKI products meticulously designed and manufactured to be the best on the market, IKI heaters are above all famous for their unmatched löyly potential. The sheer amount and quality of steam and heat IKI heaters are able to generate is simply so much greater than anything else on the market. The secret of the unique IKI löyly is in the greater amount of stones IKI heaters are able to carry and heat up. 

IKI is a pioneer manufacturer of mess sauna heaters, a unique and widely copied style, which had since become the norm in the industry. Once you have experienced the IKI löyly there is no going back.

Did you know that you can get different types of löyly from IKI sauna heaters?

If you like hot hot heat in your sauna you should pour water on the sauna stones on top of the heater. If, on the other hand, you prefer a gentler more humid steam in your sauna you should pour water on the stone covered furnace or on the sides of the heater and you'll get a spa like luxurious sauna experience.